Lawyer Announcement

Lawyer Announcement

Lawyer Announcement

Beijing LAN station (sea), a law firm (hereinafter referred to as "our institute") is a Chinese law firm, established in accordance with Chinese law by shenzhen is born technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "was" born ") entrust, for part of the individual/business in the market for trademark infringement, using its production qualification, formal statement is as follows:

1. Zhengsheng Technology shall have the ownership of the trademark of the Company and the registration qualification of all products of the Company according to law;

2. Without the permission of zhengsheng Technology, any individual or enterprise shall not use the company's trademark and all product registration qualifications;

3. The Exchange solemnly informs the infringers to stop the infringement immediately, destroy the infringing products and eliminate the impact.

If the infringing subject fails to perform the contents of this letter, the institute will accept the further authorization of Zhengsheng Technology and pursue all legal liabilities of the infringing party through legal channels.

Hereby declare.

Beijing Lantai (Qianhai) Law Firm, June 12, 2002